Treatment instructions for oiled surfaces:

All svithwood tables are handmade natural products, made in 100% solid wood and collected according to ancient traditions, why each table appears with differences and special features. The oil treatment protects the tree from liquid penetration.

Wood is constantly working and changes to the environment it is in. The tree is dried to approx. 8% wood moisture, which corresponds to a relative humidity of 40% at 20 degrees. In case of fluctuating temperature and humidity, the wood can work, which may cause cracks. This is not a mistake of the tree, but just a completely natural reaction to a living material.

The table must not be stored in a damp room as the wood then sucks water and expands. Like it is not recommended to place display cabinets or pour out on cold and damp outer walls.

Guidance for treatment

It is important that your new table is nurtured and maintained to ensure that the table retains its natural appearance and good use properties.
For daily cleaning use a cloth wrenched hard in lukewarm water and wipe the table along with the years.

Do not use strong chemicals on the table (alcohol, chlorine, salmiak and the like).
Water, fat and alcoholic fluids can cause flaws and stains and should be removed immediately. The tree should be regularly treated with oil, depending on use. (About 2 times a year)
When treating countertops, the plate must be treated on both sides.

Care and maintenance of solid wood:

Start cleaning the table with a hard-knit cloth.
Shake the oil before use.
When the table is dry apply a thin even layer of oil with a cloth or sponge. Let the oil dry for 10 minutes.
Excess oil is removed with a clean, soft suction cloth or kitchen roll.
The oil is ready after approx. 24 hours.

Advices about solid wood:

Cleaning always takes place along the length of the tree.
Never use steel wool.
Avoid hot and damp objects on the tree as this may cause shields.

Strong heat sources (eg wood burning stoves and radiators) do not serve the tree and you risk that the tree will "strike" more than it naturally will do.

Wood should never be permanently covered with airtight materials for prolonged periods (wax cloth).

Download care manual in Danish here.