S O L A S H - nature

S O L A S H - nature

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Solash is a Scandinavian interpretation of a plank table. The masculine tabletop is made of five solid ash planks fitted onto squared iron legs, which gives the table its characteristic expression.

The tabletop is produced from 100% solid materials and a handcrafted product from nature. All tables are collected with old traditions in mind, each with their differences and appearance. Thus, every table is unique, produced from a predefined framework with it buyers choice of size, oil and legs.

Each table is treated with oil in order to protect the material from liqueurs.

The material of each table is dried down to 8% wood moisture, which corresponds to a relative humidity of 40% at 20 degrees.

Hight to bottom of tabletop: 72cm
Hight to top of tabletop: 74,5cm
Hight on planks: 2,5cm

Estimated production time: 6 weeks

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